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Azur Cast-in Seals
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Azur seals for dam valves
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Azur cast-in seals for sluices
About us

About us

Azur Rubber has been manufacturing custom rubber parts for nearly 30 years and we have collaborated with many international engineering firms in North America, Europe, South America and Africa.

Azur Rubber is distinguished by its rigorous and highest quality standards for its raw materials and in terms of our manufacturing processes. You can count on a finished product that is 100% natural, reliable, sustainable and fully consistent with our unique method of curing compression.

Azur Caoutchouc Canada inc.

p. (514) 321-9692
p. (800) 567-7142
f. (514) 321-1353


11000 Sherbrooke-East Street, Local C-09
East-Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
H1B 5W1